Our firm, Tone Marketing  (ToneMKTG ), focuses on equipment and software systems that automate the  collection of field data to support  infrastructure management and maintenance of valves, hydrants and   mains (collection and distribution) installed in public and private utility  systems. 

As President of Tone Marketing, Paulette Tone has over 30 years experience in manufacturing and distribution customer service with producers of pipe and equipment used in utility systems. Paulette’s experience allows her to quickly answer your questions and assure you of the service you have come to expect from professionals in our industry.

As Vice President, Bill Tone’s  45 years experience in the water, wastewater, and  storm water industry brings a unique perspective to solutions for problems related to infrastructure management and maintenance. As a Life Member of AWWA, the many contacts Bill has developed are very useful in developing solutions to problems. Why reinvent the wheel, when there is no need.

We represent   HURCO Technologies and LANSAS PRODUCTS, equipment and software. These experienced, established and yet  leading edge companies   produce and support products that provide new, cost effective solutions for the accurate, automatic and verifiable   collection of field  data on the testing and maintenance of valves, hydrants and mains, which are the basic building blocks of any infrastructure management system for underground water, wastewater, or storm water utility system.The old saying, “garbage in means garbage out”,  applies to all manually collected field data and can quickly defeat the effectiveness of any infrastructure management system (IMS) . HURCO Technologies’ Infrastructure Management Systems  assures utilities that the information collected  in the field and automatically entered in IMS  is accurate and verifiable.

We represent AGRU  Sure Grip Concrete Protective Liner (CPL) systems. Started in 1967, AGRU is a world class ISO 2001 manufacturer that produces over 30,000 products and has the most experience in the design and production of  the highest quality  PE, PP, PVDF and ECTFE ,  thermal plastic CPL liner systems. AGRU Sure Grip (AGRUSAFE)  CPL  provide proven protection against  all forms of microbial and acidic corrosive, or abrasive attack on concrete used in concrete pipes, precast  structures , and cast-in-place (insitu) concrete used in water, wastewater, and storm water and industrial systems. 

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